Tigers eye leather thong necklace.

4th January 2017 - Necklaces
Tigers eye leather thong necklace.

£15.00 + P&P

This leather thong necklace with a tigers eye drop pendent looks beautifully unisex and would be a glorious gift for a lady or a gent.  The droplet shows the chatoyancy (cats eye effect) that the stone is loved for.  It gives an internal movement of light within the stone that is impossible to capture in a picture.

This stone is offset with the sparkle of silver from the silver plate fittings – a nice chunky hanging ring and sturdy t-bar catch at 50 cm (20″) there is a generous length and overall the necklace is a really attractive piece of jewellery.

If you buy this, it will be packed in a Silver Dove presentation box which is a handy place to keep it safe when you are not wearing it, and for postage I will overwrap it to protect the box whilst it is in the post.