Welcome to Silver Dove Jewellery.

Welcome to my web site.  Here I want to share with you my exploration of jewellery making – I am always trying out new techniques, new materials and different ways to combine metals and stones to make beautiful objects.

Mostly, I use precious or semi-precious stones, pearls and a combination of precious metals and some of the more affordable metals as well.  Oh, and time – some of the more intricate pieces can take a very long time to finish because of the amount of work needed, but it is worth it I think.

Many of my nicer pieces are for sale, please take a look through my galleries, but I also want to try to share some of my less commercial pieces with you  – some are just to big or too expensive to ever sell, and some are – well, eccentric would be a nice way to put it.  I do think though that I learn more from the pieces that don’t work, and I hope by sharing those that anyone interested in the making can gain something from my adventures.

Please, have a look around, take a look at my shiny things, and come back often, things change around here and there are often new things to see.